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The Nursing & Sleep Research Journal, a groundbreaking journal, examines the interesting nexus between nursing care and sleep science. It provides a thorough forum for academics, researchers, and medical experts to interact, share cutting-edge discoveries, and debate important problems pertaining to nursing practice and sleep health. 

The promotion of general health and quality of life is greatly aided by sleep. Sleep affects a variety of facets of physical, mental, and emotional health as a key component of human physiology. The intricate link between sleep and health consequences may best be addressed by nurses since they are at the frontline of patient care.

The Nursing & Sleep Research Journal explores a wide range of sleep-related subjects, such as sleep disorders, sleep hygiene, sleep evaluation, and treatment, sleep quality enhancement techniques, and the effects of sleep disruptions on diverse patient groups. It examines evidence-based nursing care innovations, treatments, and practices that improve patient outcomes and promote better sleep health.

The journal offers helpful insights into the most recent advancements in sleep research and their practical implications for nursing practice through rigorous research papers, thorough literature reviews, case studies, and expert commentary. It promotes interprofessional communication between nurses, sleep medicine experts, psychologists, educators, and other medical professionals involved in the treatment of sleep disorders.

The Nursing & Sleep Research Journal works to increase knowledge, enhance patient care, and promote evidence-based practices in the area of sleep health. It is a crucial tool for nurses who want to learn more about sleep research, advance their clinical expertise, and make wise judgments on patient care linked to sleep.

This publication supports ongoing efforts to address the worldwide public health problem of sleep disorders, enhance sleep health literacy, and promote optimum sleep outcomes for people throughout their lifespans by bridging the gap between nursing and sleep research.

The Nursing & Sleep Research Journal offers an essential forum for medical professionals to investigate the nuanced connection between nursing care and sleep. It enables nurses to significantly contribute to the area of sleep health and improve the well-being of their patients by spreading cutting-edge research and best practices.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Exploring the Synergy of Nursing and Sleep Research
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Published: 2023-09-04
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